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i'm Levi, 18, composed of tiny vegan leaves. and i cry a lot but i'll try not to do that in front of u.


people who have to go back to school in august are people who u should be there for bc god has deserted them 

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foxes eating rabbits or lions catching antelope 

is not in any way shape or form 

the same thing

as people mass producing, forcefully breeding non-human animals, and slaughtering them by the hundreds of millions to be packaged into plastic wrapped cartons for you to buy from a store that you drove your car to

shut up

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do you ever just wake up and your mood is ‘angry queer’

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sculpts a statue of my ass out of golden diamonds

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Slurs are violent. They enact violence. They bring up violence. Slurs are used to dehumanize people, against their will.

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stop being concerned about whether every body you see is aesthetically pleasing to you

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i hate when ppl say “consumerism” as a euphemism for the problem when what they mean is “capitalism” like shhh its ok just say it. capitalism is the problem. u can say it

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idk if it's a date but we're hanging out alone:an autobiography
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Me:comes online for some casual reblogging
Me:accidentally joins a raging feminist movement
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Because that’s the magic of capitalism. We don’t know. We don’t know where all this blood keeps coming from. We don’t know how these “severed limbs” keep showing up.

But we’re damn sure we’re happier without a government, even though i can’t hear anything over the screams, my god, the screams.

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*hides good snacks from family members*


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